Chicken Crunchies 

Chicken Crunchies are sliced, dried and baked pieces that high in protein and offer good nutrition to keep your pet healthy.

Rs. 249.00 (70 g)

Rs. 150.00 (30 g)

Chicken Carrot Sticks

Chicken carrot sticks is made with 100% natural chicken and fresh picked carrots sure to get your dog drooling. It is perfect treat for dog for being a good boy/ girl. 

Rs. 70.00 (35 g)

Rs. 140.00 (70 g)

Chicken Liver chips

Chicken liver chips are simply dried and baked chicken liver, made with potent quality of chicken. It keeps the hunger pangs at bay. Suited for all breeds, and adult dogs.

Rs. 95.00 (35 g)

Rs. 190.00 (70 g)