Our Approach

Pet Tiffin Services aims at providing dogs all over Mumbai with fresh and homemade food at reasonable prices.

More often, people who own dogs give their pets packaged food from big brands. On the other side people give their dogs bread, milk and sometimes meat all mixed. however in the first case, the freshness is compromised, while in the other the nutrition factor goes for a toss.

Pet tiffin serviceĀ  is a brand that takes care of both these factors, thereby minimizing the effort put in by their customers, reducing it to just serving food to the dogs. The first and foremost advantage that pet tiffin services has over processed dog food companies is that it sells fresh products fit for daily consumption and suitable to all breeds. Secondly, the items offered are not biscuits or cookies but home-cooked food like rice and gravy, meaning that the owner also is aware of what their dog is eating.


Our Story

Every business stems from a need or a demand. The genesis of this concept stems from the need to provide good nutrition to dogs as we humans get. So hence IF YOU EAT HEALTHY WHY NOT GIVE YOUR DOG THE RIGHT NUTRITION TOO.

We were earlier known as Home care dog food , now we are known as PET TIFFIN SERVICES.