We are known as PET TIFFIN SERVICES Pvt Ltd ( previously known as HomeCare Dog Food)

Our moto is to provide:
We offer homemade fresh dog food particularly in Mumbai.

Our ideas to start this company was, “If You eat Fresh then why not Your PET?”
Pet Tiffin Service products , fortified with natural nutrition, manufactured under hygienic conditions are catered especially to your pet’s requirements.

Since our food is exclusively for dogs, we have made sure that the products made by us are fit for all breeds. Some of our products would include things like gravy with rice, chicken with rice or meat, tailored for dogs, keeping in mind consumption, appetite and nutritional value. Also we keep in mind hygiene when it comes to food even for your pets, so the food items are properly sealed and fresh. The environment which products are made are also kept clean.

Our brand has hired professionals in the market who have in-depth knowledge about what kind of food should be served, which is why the brand is confident about it’s success.